Apply As Instructor

Applying as instructor to being commerce is very easy as it will be your one time investment and life long income. Here is the video which will guide you how to apply as instructor.

This above video will guide you how to create courses, how to certificates (if you wanted) for your students, how to withdraw amount on the sale of your course and many more. So do watch this video carefully.

How to become a teacher

So, let's begin your instructor journey

Please login to send your request!
To become an instructor firstly sign up/ login to your being commerce account. Then wait for 24 hours for approval request. After you are approved you will get dashboard from where you can make your own courses. To create course watch the above videos carefully this will give you indepth detail on how to create course.
1) No contact us information must be mentioned in video. 2) No slung words to be used. 3) Courses must be ethical. 4) Avoid uploading videos directly to platform, instead upload it on youtube and paste link. 5) Withdraw minimum amount is Rs 100 with the help of PayPal. 6) Being Commerce take 15% commission on all course. 7) You can also promote your video on Being commerce mails us at “”. 8) You can also promote your courses on being commerce at well click here.
1. Sign up 2. Wait for 24 hours maximum 3. Learn Press > Courses > Add new 4. Add Title of the course 5. Thumbnail create using Canva 6. Sign up/ Log in Canva > Search > Blog Banner 7. Put thumbnail in featured image 8. Write course description, Audience, Result 9. Course setting according to you 10. Make certificate with the use of Canva 11. Now click on curriculum > Create lessons 12. Upload videos on YouTube ( or Vimeo or daily motion) 13. Copy link from YouTube and paste the link to individual lesson area 14. Put course tags 15. Hit publish and wait for approval