Apple Keynote Course: Create Keynote Presentation on Mac

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About Course

In this course, Apple Keynote Course: Create Keynote Presentation on Mac we will discuss everything about Apple Keynote or Mac Keynote.

Mac Keynote may be a complete course with 50 lessons including short practical samples of the way to build interesting and compelling slides. It includes quite three hours of video tutorials and example files.

This course starts with an easy Keynote example. you’ll build a brief presentation employing a basic built-in theme. Then you’ll see how easy it’s to present that presentation.

From there, you’ll advance to find out the way to build more complex slides using elements like text, images, shapes, lines, audio and video. You’ll see the way to use arrangement and alignment tools to form your own slides look great.

You will also study transitions and animation. You’ll see the way to add transitions between slides, and to create a slide one element at a time. The course also covers animation using Magic Move and other techniques.

You will then learn more advanced uses for presentations like creating videos and making stand-alone interactive kiosks. Other advanced techniques covered include altering and making your own themes, printing, and collaborating with others.

Whether you would like to use Keynote for work, school, or to make Internet content, this course can get you up to hurry fast. It doesn’t assume that you simply have prior experience with other presentation software. However, if you’ve got used something like PowerPoint within the past, you’ll also use this course to quickly learn the ins-and-outs of Keynote.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Basic to advance, everything you need to know about keynote
  • Gain confidence in delivering presentations
  • Create and present presentations in Keynote.
  • Learn to build slides with text, images, shapes and other elements.
  • Use arrangement and alignment tools to make better slides.
  • Add video and audio to your presentations.
  • Animate your presentations with transitions and builds.
  • Record presentations and create videos.
  • Find out how to add links to make your presentations interactive.
  • Edit Keynote themes and create your own.
  • Add text, pictures, videos and shapes to your presentation.
  • Add animations to objects to make them come to life
  • Create multiple slide types with ease

Course Content

Downloadable Resources

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Create Keynote Presentation on Mac