Facebook Ads Pro: Proven Copy & Paste Facebook Ads Advertising Strategy

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About Course

In this course, Proven Copy & Paste Facebook Ads Advertising Strategy we will share with you our 10 years of experience with Facebook Ads.

We will provide you strategies you just need to copy and paste advertising strategy in your Facebook Ads and BOOM you will get 100% conversion & sales.

What we will cover inside this course?

  1. Ultimate Marketing Plan Template
  2. Important Data Analysis to Consider
  3. Testing Strategies Practically
  4. Remarketing (Retargeting) Masterclass
  5. Rapid Predictable Scaling
  6. Beating the Facebook Algorithm
  7. Conversion Optimization & Manual Bidding
  8. Throw Competitors out of Market
  9. Achieving Omnipresence
  10. Long-Form Copy Writing
  11. Video Ad Script
  12. Web Funnel Optimization
  13. Ban Appeal Template
  14. Facebook Advertising Future
  15. Brick & Mortar Strategy
  16. Full B2B Strategy
  17. Lead Generation Strategy
  18. eCommerce Strategy

Now, this course is only for the advanced level or expert level. We have not covered basic topics like:-

  1. Facebook Business Suite Setup & Understanding
  2. Return on Investment Science
  3. How to Setup Complete Facebook Business Suite
  4. Concepts on Split Testing or A-B Testing
  5. What you should and shouldn’t do in Ads?
  6. Setting Up Facebook Pixel For Remarketing
  7. Targeting Your Dream Customers
  8. Creating Compelling Ad Strategies
  9. Step by Step on How To Create basic Ads
  10. Facebook Policies You should Care on

So if you guys are interested and want to save lots of years on learning on your own. This course will give you a straight advertising strategy for Facebook Ads which you can use to get 100% guaranteed results for conversions & leads.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Ultimate Marketing Plan Template
  • Important Data Analysis to Consider
  • Testing Strategies Practically
  • Remarketing (Retargeting) Masterclass
  • Rapid Predictable Scaling
  • Beating the Facebook Algorithm
  • Conversion Optimization & Manual Bidding
  • Throw Competitors out of Market
  • Achieving Omnipresence
  • Long Form Copy Writing
  • Video Ad Script
  • Web Funnel Optimization
  • Ban Appeal Template
  • Facebook Advertising Future
  • Brick & Mortar Strategy
  • Full B2B Strategy
  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • eCommerce Strategy

Course Content

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Brick, Lead, B2B & Ecommerce Strategy