Google Forms Complete Guide: Collect & Analysis Data

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About Course

Welcome to this course, Google Forms Complete Guide: Collect & Analysis Data

Learn Google Forms completely within 2 Hours!!!

You heard it right. You just need less than 2 hours to learn and implement Google Forms. Create your first survey right away!!

Crisp Chip-sized Videos!!!

No boring lengthy lectures. Concepts explained and demonstrated practically. Straight to the point so that you do not miss attention.

All important concepts covered!

Starting from the UI of Forms, we go through all important concepts including all question types, responses, settings, sections and quizzes.

Enjoy Learning!!

No extra practice and other repetitive stuff. You can even complete this course in a single stretch and this makes learning more enjoyable and interesting.

Easy, but Useful!

Google Forms is easy to learn, easy to implement but vast in use. From surveys to quizzes to feedbacks, you see Google Forms everywhere.

Learn what you see!!

This course practically shows you things so that you clearly learn just by watching the lectures. No need to practice. Just implement.

Publish your first form!!

Enrol into this course and start publishing your forms for the world to see!!

This course will teach you to understand how to design, share, and analyze questionnaires and quizzes created on the Google application Google Forms.

Google Forms is a free survey tool that allows you to easily and efficiently collect information. It is used in both professional and personal settings, whether it is for collecting time availability from your employees or for gathering t-shirt sizes for a family vacation shirt. It supports various types of questions and allows for validation options to control data entry. Although it has a fairly simple user interface, it offers many advantages and can perform a multitude of tasks.

As a complete Google Forms course, this course will start with the foundation and design aspects. The lessons from this section include understanding how to add questions, utilizing response validations, customizing headers, and more. In addition, there are a couple of quick wins scattered across the sections to provide more tips on how to use this application to its fullest potential.

This course goes over how to view and analyze the received form responses. With Google Forms’ powerful data analysis, this application is a go-to tool for many businesses, organizations, and classrooms. Since you have full configuration over the form, you are able to decide exactly how you want the form to look and what information you want it to collect.

Google Forms is highly recommended by many for educational purposes. The third section goes over how to transform an ordinary form into a self-grading quiz with just one button. It also talks about how to add answer feedback and create a point system to help alleviate the stress of administering and grading.

Enroll to learn how to use Google Forms to create surveys and quizzes!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Design custom forms to easily and efficiently collect information
  • Set up data filters and validations to better phrase questions
  • Interpret & analyze collected responses
  • Transform ordinary forms to quizzes for educational use
  • Explore Google Forms & Design Professional Forms
  • Distribute forms to any audience through multiple ways
  • Publish Your First Form
  • Customize Your Form & Explore Form Settings
  • Create Checkboxes and Dropdowns
  • Add Images And Videos in Google forms
  • Create Multiple Choice Grid Questions
  • Create Date And Time Questions
  • Make Quizzes
  • Create File Upload Questions
  • Divide Your Form Into Multiple Sections
  • Submit And Analyse Responses
  • Create Short Answers And Paragraphs
  • Create Multiple Choice Questions
  • Create Tick Box Grid Questions
  • Create Linear Scale Questions
  • Import Questions From Other Forms

Course Content

Google Forms Complete Guide: Collect & Analysis Data

  • 00:00
  • Dashboard & Interface Guide
  • Different Question Types
  • Adding Images & Videos to Forms
  • Questions Other Settings
  • Layout & Import Settings
  • Themes, Colour & Fonts
  • Google Form Settings
  • Preview & Sharing Google Forms
  • Viewing & Analysis Forms
  • Working with Quizzes