Meta Masterclass For Facebook Ads & Instagram Marketing

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About Course

Get more leads & sales via Meta Facebook Ads & Instagram Marketing. Step by step process. Go From Zero to Hero!

Welcome to this course, Meta Masterclass For Facebook Ads & Instagram Marketing

Become an Expert in Facebook & Instagram Ads in 4 Weeks!

Get a High-Paying Job, Grow your Business, or Start a Freelancing Career. Even if you have never run ads before.

Facebook (Meta) Advertising is one of the Highest Paying Digital Skills this year.

This course will prepare you to get a high-paying job, get freelance clients, or grow your business.

Why join this course?

  1. 20+ hours of on-demand lessons
  2. Latest strategies for (after iOS14.5)
  3. Practical Learning with Real-World Examples
  4. Lifetime Access to course lessons

Learn Beginner-to-Advanced Level Facebook & Instagram Ads with 50+ video lessons

Why learn Facebook & Instagram Ads in the year?

  1. Organic reach is dead
  2. Can be started with a small budget
  3. Laser-sharp targeting possible
  4. Extremely scalable across platforms
  5. ROI focused & measurable

Inside this course, Learn how to use Facebook & Instagram ads to promote your products or services in this comprehensive, step-by-step course.

You will learn everything you need to know to create PROFITABLE campaigns from start to finish.

And you will get to know exactly what you should (and absolutely should not) do on Facebook to increase your sales… and cut your advertising costs to the bone!

This course is for you if:

  1. You don’t know where to start… you want to learn Facebook-Instagram Ads but don’t want to waste your time & money.
  2. You tried learning from Youtube and other courses… but they just gave superficial knowledge.
  3. You have tried running the Ads yourself… but haven’t gotten good returns from them, or worse, you lost money.
  4. You want to grow in your Digital Marketing job… but all good roles require knowledge of Paid Advertising.
  5. You want to become a High-paid Freelancer… but you can’t close clients for Paid Advertising.
  6. You are a business owner and need to have full control of sales through ads… but the agencies & freelancers you hired didn’t deliver.

So I will see you in this course, Meta Masterclass For Facebook Ads & Instagram Marketing

Enroll now!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Complete understanding of how Meta works?
  • Facebook Business Suite Setup & Understanding
  • Laying Foundations of Facebook Ads (Meta)
  • Return on Investment Science in Facebook Ads
  • Why You Should Invest Money on Facebook Ads
  • In-depth Knowledge on Facebook Objective to Choose
  • How to Setup Complete Facebook Business Suite
  • Setting Up Facebook Pixel For Remarketing
  • What you should and shouldn't do in Ads?
  • Creating Compelling Ad Strategies
  • Targeting Your Dream Customers
  • Step by Step on How To Create Ads
  • Developing Your Optimized Ad Strategies
  • Facebook Policies You should Care on
  • Important Data Analysis to Consider
  • Rapid Predictable Scaling Method
  • Remarketing (Retargeting) Masterclass
  • Conversion Optimization & Manual Bidding
  • Beating the Facebook Algorithm
  • Achieving Omnipresence in the Market
  • Throw Competitors out of Market
  • Video Ad Script Formula that Works 100%
  • Web Funnel Optimization
  • Long Form Copy Writing Secret Revealed
  • Facebook Advertising Future
  • Ban Appeal Template to regain Account

Course Content

Introduction to Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing

  • Download the Resources
  • 00:00
  • Meta Ads Examples
  • Benefits of Meta Ads
  • Why Meta Ads ?
  • How Meta Ads Work ?
  • Meta Ads Myth

Landing Page or Website Requirements

Other Important Requirements

Starting Ad Creatives Framework

Ad Creatives Inspiration & Spy

Ad ( Ads ) Creatives Creation

Ad ( Ads ) Copy Creation

Audiences For Meta Ads

Campaign Structure in Meta Ads

Campaign Creation Basic

Meta Pixel & Tracking System

Types of Audiences in Meta

Scaling & Optimization