Personal Finance Course: Finance Fundamentals & Personal Budgeting

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About Course

Welcome to this course, Guide to Personal Finance Fundamentals & Personal Budgeting

I have designed this course for those who wish to learn the Art Of Personal Financial Management in the most systematic and practical way. It does not matter if you are from a non-finance background, whether you are a Student, Engineer, Doctor, housewife, etc.

This course has helped more than 2,000 learners and I am confident that after completing this course, you will be able to confidently manage your personal finances.

The course has 10 sections, even if you watch 1 section every day which is recommended, you will be able to complete the course within 10 days.

In this course, you will learn 80+ concepts of Personal Financial Management in just 10 days.

Illustrative List of topics covered: Savings vs Investments, Compounding, Budgeting, Insurance, etc.

What’s included inside this course:-

  1. Saving & Investments
  2. Budgeting in Personal Finance
  3. Goals Settings & Inflation
  4. Various Investment Vehicles
  5. Insurance as Safety
  6. Tax Saving Options
  7. Renting vs Buying
  8. Borrowing Related Products
  9. Retirement Planning
  10. Avoid Ponzi Schemes

So this are the important topics we will cover inside this course, Guide to Personal Finance Fundamentals & Personal Budgeting.

This course have various calculators that you can use easily you just need to put data it will automatically going to calculate result for you!

So, Enroll now inside this course Guide to Personal Finance Fundamentals & Personal Budgeting

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What Will You Learn?

  • Why Personal Finance matters?
  • Why Saving & Investments important?
  • Power of Compounding to multiply wealth
  • Benefits of Budgeting to balance spend
  • Allocation of Income in best way possible
  • How to set Smart and Achievable Goals?
  • Inflation Concepts and calculation planning
  • Investment Parameters to invest money
  • Insurance Concepts and type to cover losses
  • Tax Saving Options to save tax from Government
  • Buy vs Rent: Which is better?
  • Rule of 72 magic that will shock others
  • Borrowing Related Products to get loans
  • Retirement Planning to live peaceful life
  • Cibil score to increase credibility to get loans

Course Content

Introduction to Personal Finance Fundamentals

Saving & Investments

Budgeting in Personal Finance

Goals Settings & Inflation

Various Investment Vehicles

Insurance as Safety

Tax Saving Options

Renting vs Buying

Borrowing Related Products

Retirement Planning

Avoid Ponzi Schemes