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About Course

Start your Digital Marketing Journey Today with this amazing straightforward Digital Marketing Course. In this Digital Marketing course we will be covering many modules like:-

  1. Digital Marketing Basics & inbound
  2. WordPress & Content Mastery
  3. Elementor in-depth course
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  5. Email Marketing & Automation
  6. Affiliate Marketing tub
  7. Google Ads Mastery
  8. Facebook Advertising

If we go to very in-depth of what are the topics we will cover:-

Digital Marketing Basics –

Digital Marketing Meaning, Digital Marketing Plans & Strategy, Marketing Goals & Objectives, Understanding the Buyer, Inbound Marketing Concepts, Inbound Marketing Methodology, Inbound Marketing Channels, Search Engine Optimization – inbound, Social Media Marketing – inbound, Content & Email Marketing – inbound, Content & Email Marketing – inbound.

WordPress & Content Mastery –

Introduction to WordPress, Introduction To Domain & Web Hosting, What is Domain & Hosting, Setup Domain & Web Hosting, SSL Certificates, Installing WordPress in one Click, Subdomain & WordPress, WordPress tour & Settings, Making Website, Customization Website, WooCommerce Meaning, Learning WooCommerce Functions, Product Featuring.

Elementor Mastery –

Walking on Elementor Preview, Trailer of Website Creation?, WordPress General Settings, Creating & connecting Pages, Install Theme & plugin, Elementor Overview, designing a website with elementor and creating – Hero Section + Benefit Section + Our Partners + About Us + Testimonials + Call to Action + Footer Design + About & Contact Us Page, Checking Responsive, Custom header, Landing & Home Page difference.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) –

Search Engine Optimization Types, On-page SEO best Practices, On-page SEO Best Practices Explained, Domain Authority & Backlinks, Ubersuggest Chrome Installation, Yoast SEO & Blog Configuration, Yoast SEO Features, Find Right Keywords, Competitors Spy, Start Your Title Tag with Keyword, Drop Your Keyword in First Paragraph, Use SEO Friendly URLs, Post Long Engaging Content, Boost Site Speed, Take Advantage of H1, H2, H3 Hierarchy, Use Internal & Outbound Links, Use Responsive Design, Content with Relevant images & Videos, Category & Tags, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Question Hub.

Email Marketing & Automation Mastery –

Walking on Email Marketing, Create Mailchimp Account, Audience Settings, Create Hostinger Email, Creating Template, Connecting Website, Create Newsletter Form, Landing Page for Lead, Create Popup, Plain Text Sending, Regular Email Sending, Automation Email Sending, Function with eCommerce, Coupon for Email, Thank Your Email, Abandon Cart Email, Email Marketing Theory, Email Marketer Motive, Don’t buy the theory, Sales trigger, Content Tip, Email Content Example.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery –

Affiliate Marketing Concepts, How to Join Affiliate Program?, What to Choose for in Program?, How to Promote Affiliate Links?, Affiliate Requirement Pages, Setting Menus for Affiliates, WooCommerce & Affiliate, Recording Affiliate Program, Build Own Affiliate System.

Google Ads Mastery –

Google Ads Platform Setup, Google Ads Concepts, Pay: CPC & CPM, Campaign Types, Google Ads Structure, Campaign Structure, Ads Group Structure, Ads Structure, Keyword Types, Negative Keywords, Ad Extensions, Keyword Planner, Overview Campaign Types, Display Ads, Video Ads, Smart Ads, App Ads, Shopping Ads, Settings of Ads, Conversion Track, Remarketing Ads, Bidding Strategies.

Facebook Ads Mastery –

Facebook Ads Concepts, Facebook Ads Objectives Types, Facebook Ads Payments, Facebook Ads Structure, Creating FB Ads Campaign, FB Pixel Setup, Thank You, Page, Setup Thank you, custom audience.


  • Lifetime access to the course and all updates
  • Personalized support and answers to your questions
  • Udemy certificate of completion
  • 30-Day 100% money-back guarantee – no questions asked!


Throughout the entire course, you’ll be taking action!

You’ll learn the proper techniques and strategies for each section. Then you’ll see how these strategies are used in the real world with case studies. Finally, you’ll take action yourself, and see real results!


Whether you’re completely brand new to all of these topics, or you use a few of them, now is the perfect time to take action.

Enroll now so that you can take advantage of the skills you learn to grow your business!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Digital Marketing Meaning & Strategy
  • Marketing Goals & Objectives
  • Inbound Marketing Concepts
  • Search Engine Optimization - inbound
  • Social Media Marketing - inbound
  • Content & Email Marketing - inbound
  • Introduction to WordPress concepts
  • Introduction To Domain & Web Hosting
  • What is Domain & Hosting & Setup ?
  • SSL Certificates & Setup
  • Installing Wordpress in one Click
  • Subdomain & WordPress Setup
  • Making Website with WordPress
  • Customization Website with Elementor
  • Designing website without coding
  • Landing & Home Page - Difference
  • What is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) ?
  • What are the types of SEO ?
  • Everything to know about On-Page SEO
  • What is Domain authority and Backlinks ?
  • How to do Keyword Research ?
  • How to write perfect SEO optimized blogs ?
  • Diving inside Off-Pge SEO & implementing it.
  • Ways to get traffic to your website ?
  • Take Google Help to get traffic to your website.
  • Create newsletter forms for lead generation
  • Create Popups for lead generation
  • How to create automated emails ?
  • Add eCommerce feature with Mailchimp
  • Send abandoned carts emails to clients
  • Send automatic emails to your new subscribers
  • Send thanks you emails to your first buyer
  • Generate coupon codes to offer with emails
  • How to schedule email campaigns
  • Reading & understanding emails analytics
  • How to setup Google Ads account ?
  • Goals concept in Google Ads
  • Concept behind CPC & CPM
  • Types of Campaign in Google Ads
  • Campaign, ad group & ads
  • Google Ads structure explained
  • Keyword types explained
  • Go through with all campaign types
  • How to track conversions?
  • Setting up re-marketing Ads
  • Bidding Strategies explained
  • Facebook Ads Concepts
  • Facebook Ads Objectives Types
  • Facebook Ads Structure
  • Creating FB Ads Campaign
  • FB Pixel Setup & Tracking
  • Custom Re-marketing Audience

Course Content

Digital Marketing Basics

WordPress & Content Mastery

Elementor Mastery

Search Engine Optimization Mastery