KuKu courses at end of every month donate 10% of total accumulated profits generated by our customers through their subscription purchase and on renews.

We donate to ketto crowdfunding an Indian social welfare company to help people for health funding who is struggling with health issues. On every year in month of April we issue one report stated total amount donated with evidence to all our subscribers and customers.

We donate via our parent business Being Commerce. So remember with KuKu course you will learn skills that will help you to succeed in your life and indirectly you will always be helping to needy who are facing health issues as with your total money we donate 10% for social cause.

You are not only helping to build skills for yourself with KuKu courses, but you are also helping to build life of people struggling with health issues.

Thank you for your love towards our services, stay using our services and stay helping people with donations through us 🙂